Payment Agreements

Installment Agreements

Setting up an IRS Installment Agreement is one of the most frequently used strategies to resolve back taxes. Negotiating an IRS payment plan increases in difficulty as the amount of your tax debt increases.

You are better off bringing 1 Tax Pro, Inc. into the picture to negotiate your IRS installment agreement, particularly at higher amounts of tax debt. Our experts have the experience of negotiating IRS installment agreements every year across the entire United States. 1 Tax Pro, Inc. has the knowledge to evaluate your economic situation and, with frequently and recently updated knowledge of how far the IRS will go to make a reasonable deal, can work out an arrangement that works sustainably for both parties.




Penalty Abatement

IRS penalties and interest make owing back taxes much worse the longer unpaid. They make the total debt grow very rapidly, in some cases up to almost 50% more than the original tax owed. If you work with 1 Tax Pro, Inc. to resolve your tax debt, the firm challenges each part of that debt: principal, interest, and penalties. After assuring that the tax the IRS originally assessed is the lowest amount allowed by law, 1 Tax Pro, Inc. goes to work to see if the penalties can be reduced or completely forgiven. 

Our trusted tax professionals have many years of tax experience, which helps ensure our clients get the best outcome while negotiating an installment agreement with the taxation authorities. Let’s get started, call us for a free consultation.


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