Levy & Garnishments


An IRS bank levy is a seizure of the entire asset. Any asset can be levied, but the most common is your cash assets like personal and business bank accounts. One day the money is there; the next morning it is gone. The asset levy is considered by most taxpayers and business owners to be the most severely disruptive collection action the IRS can take – because while the IRS gets the tax money, all the other vendors, employees and you, can only get what’s left. There are steps you can take to get a bank levy released fast, but this is best done by tax professionals.

An IRS bank levy does not happen without notice. The IRS sends several notices of intent to levy assets and then a final notice of intent to levy. The sooner you call 1 Tax Pro, Inc. after you get any levy notice, the greater the chances that 1 Tax Pro, Inc. can head off trouble. Better than that, if you partner with 1 Tax Pro. Inc., your tax problem will be resolved permanently, for the lowest amount allowed by law per payment arrangements with the IRS that you can manage. Save yourself; save your business.


Those two words would make anyone squeamish. A “Wage Garnishment” is an IRS tax collection tactic to intercept your money to pay your tax debt before you get a chance to spend it on something else. Typically, 1 Tax Pro, Inc. can get a wage garnishment stopped, or modified, within 24 to 72 hours once they are on the case representing you.

There are two things you can do about a wage garnishment:

1. Stop it from happening before it starts by contacting the IRS/State to resolve your tax problem; or

2. If the deductions have already started, let 1 Tax Pro, Inc. show you how to stop wage garnishments.

Our tax professionals can assess your situation and offer the best method to get your levy released. We will work on your behalf to negotiate the arrangement that works best for you, not the taxing authorities. Act now, call us for a free consultation.



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