Consultation Services

At 1 TAX PRO, Inc., we provide our non-business clients with all the tools and resources that many times are only available to small business clients. Whether you are starting a new business venture, purchasing your first home or investment property or have questions regarding your investments options, 1 TAX PRO is here to help. We provide comprehensive consultations services with an objective of easing the potential tax burden.

At 1 TAX PRO, we have assisted thousands of taxpayers to keep more of what they earn by educating them on all the deductions they are allowed to utilize by law. We'll provide an overall tax assessment, which will help to identify itemizations which you may be neglecting. Then, we will explain these differences in dollars and cents.

Our tax services go beyond basic tax planning and preparing or reviewing federal and state tax returns. Based on our diverse expertise, we work hard to keep our clients informed of new opportunities and challenges to help secure significant tax savings. We are continually encouraged to develop advanced tax strategies based on economic substance and sound business purpose to help fulfill client needs.

To discover how we might be able to help you, we're willing to provide a free initial consultation with no risk or obligation on your part, please contact our office for a consultation.